"Brigit, excellant woman,
sudden flame, may the bright fiery sun take us
to the lasting kingdom"



Brigantia, Shining Queen of Heaven,
You, our Maiden, Mother and Crone,
You are earth-children's own.
From Green Isle to distant shore,
Far flung, your tales have spread.

They tried, but your fire would not die;
eternal be the flame of Lady Bride.
Inspire us with your wisdom.
May the words to honor you spring up,
As flowers after winter's dearth.

We drink of your healing milk,
Quicken in us the Spirit's rebirth.
May we forge a holy work,
Crafted with generous peace,
Made golden by love.

Such will not fade.
And keep us ever safe
Under your mantle,
Dearest Brigit, fair Queen of Heaven.

JAL, 6-7-97