Hymnos Hestia


Hestia, Thou who tends the holy house

of Lord Apollo, Pythian, Shooting Far,

Thou having hair that drips with silky oil,

approach this house and enter, of one mind

with All-Wise Zeus; and for my song grant grace.
Homeric Hymn


Hestia of the Fire,

I invoke Thee,

Lo, behold me and hear:

Firstborn of the Olympians, Goddess of old,

thou are the flame that dwells within everything.

I feel thy presence in the fire,
I feel thy essence in the flame,
I feel thy presence in the heat

Virgin Mother of fire ,

Mighty and gentle Daughter of Rhea and Kronos,

Protectress of the fireplace,

Mistress of the hearth,

Guardian of the home

Bringer of heat.

Ancient thou are,

I worship thee within the flame.

Keep away illness from my home,
Keep away anger from my home,
Keep away danger from my home.

I lay before thy essence

my deepest prayers for a save place to dwell.

Grant me my wish:

Keep my home full of laughter and joy
Keep my home filled with food
Keep my home warm and save.




Text: Roibin


Wonderful contribution by Gaiasong7@aol.com :

Elsa Gidlows "Chains of Fire"

Touching the match, waiting for creeping flame,
I know myself linked by chains of fires
To every woman who has kept a hearth ...
I see mothers, grandmothers back to beginnings,
Huddled beside holes in the earth ...
Guarding the magic no other being has learned,
Awed, reverent, before the sacred fire
Sharing live coals with the tribe.