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I plan a special shrine and information on Durga/Kali and Lakshimi.

"The Great Cosmic Principal has three aspects; The Creator represented by Goddess Saraswati, Preserver represented by Lakshmi and Destroyer represented by Durga or Kali." great information from Alin Chanda by email. Thx :-)

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The primeval Hindu goddess of feminine energy.


('Limitless') Hindu Mother Goddess, self-formed, the Cosmic Matrix. Mother of the Sun God Mitra and the Moon God Varuna, and of twelve month Gods (known as the Adityas). Invoked as " powerful, ever-young, far-spreading, kind shelterer, good leader... the divine ship with strong rowers which never sinks." The original, ultimative Mother, as the Rig Veda puts it, 'Aditi is THAT'. Her day is Sunday.
(from: J.+S. Farrar: The Witches Goddess)


Hindu fire Goddess, wife of the fire god Agni.


Feminine personification of Parvati in Hindu mythology. An astonishingly beautiful woman she lured demons to their deaths. She announced to them that she would not bed with anyone who had not bested her in battle, and when they approached to fight her she killed their retinue with a supersonic hum, then transformed herself into the fearsome Kali and slew them.


Ancient goddess of India who existed before the beginning of time. She laid an egg that hatched into the divine trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

Anumati Her name means "Divine Favor." She is a Moon Goddess. Many Hindu Goddesses are worshipped as givers of wealth, intelligence, prosperity, children, and spiritual enlightenment. Anumati is one such Goddess.


A hunting goddess in India.

Budhi Pallien

A forest goddess in North India who roamed the jungle in the form of a tiger.


Another name for the goddess Durga (in her moon form). The moon was considered a god one month (Chandra), a goddess (Candi) the next.

Devi Her name means, literally, "Goddess." She is the sum total of all existence; all derives from Her and all ultimately returns to Her. The Goddesses here profiled are but some of Her infinite number of aspects.

A twelve-armed warrior goddess, created by Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva to slay Mahishasura, the shape-shifting monster who menaced the universe. She rode a lion into the fray and was victorious.


Many mythographers see Aditi as the endless sky; Diti as the earth. Both apparently come from a non-Aryan source of Hindu mythology, for their children, though recognized as supernatural, were never part of the official pantheon. Diti's children were asuras, non-gods. They were powerful beings, especially the warrior Maruts, who might have conquered the gods. Diti, whose earlier children Indra had killed, practiced magic when pregnant again. So threatened was Indra that he watched her constantly. When Diti fell into a doze, Indra entered her vagina, traveled to her womb, and dismembered the fetus. Even cut to pieces, the fetus was so powerful that it reformed into forty-nine separate warriors.


Aum Aing Hring Kleeng Chamundaye

Listen: http://www.sanatansociety.org/indian_music_and_mantras/mantras_durga_mantra.htm

First of all let me say, that I have not come across such an alive cult than that of the Goddess Durga.
So don't mistake me, she is of course in no sense of the word forgotten. Seldom have I felt such vivid powers. There are several shrines online devoted to her. 

Hindu-Goddess of Life and Death, Love and Justice. She is the first manifestation of the universal power and stronger than every other god or goddess. Durga is shown as a female warrior, who fights the evil. Kali is sometimes her daughter, sometimes one of her representations. The Durga is also the One, that gives you the ulitmative release from life and its pains. She gives the Enlightment.

One of the forms of the goddess Shakti, and the wife of Shiva. She was born fully grown. Durga is famous as the many-armed many-weaponed goddess that slays the buffalo-demon.

Gauri (Hindu) Said to be a form of the mighty Durga.

Her sacred animal is the tiger or lion.

Her Mantra is: "Om Sri Durgaya Namah"




Hindu-Goddess of the rivers and healing. One part of her is the milkyway and the other the river Ganges. The Ganges is the Holy River of Hinduism. Bathing in its waters cleanses one of all sins. She is the Goddess of health and luck.

Ganga = Cleansing Stream

The story goes that this "mother of rivers" once lived in heaven with her sister, the virgin, Uma. When sea-dwelling demons harassed the earth, Agastya swallowed the ocean where they hid, thereby getting rid of the demons; but the earth was left seriously parched and dry. Because of the prayers of the people, the heavenly water goddess Ganga descended to earth. She became embodied as the sacred river Ganges. Her role is as the goddess of health, happiness, fertility, and wealth. One of the wives of Shiva, she was the daughter of the mountain Himalaya.

Giri Devi

(Sri Lanka) This legendary woman is invoked in dances and songs. She was the sister of the evil demon Dala Kumara, who indulged himself in illicit desires for her. This grew to be an obsession with him, until her wedding, where he snapped and kidnapped her. Taking her to the forest, he raped her repeatedly and kept her as a prisoner. She finally committed suicide by hanging herself from a tree. He never recovered from this loss, but the efforts of Pattini kept him from devastating the world by instituting rituals to hold him at bay.



Hindu-Goddess of Life, Death and Rebirth. She is often named the Dark Mother of Time. She kills everything, that she has given life to. So she is in one creatress and destructress of the world.

Cult name of the goddess Durga. Wife to Shiva. A bloodthirsty fertility goddess to whom the Thugs (Under the title Bhavani, she was invoked by this secret brotherhood of murderers.) sacrificed their victims. Her idol is black, is smeared with blood, has huge fang-like teeth, and a protruding tongue that drips with blood. She wears a necklace of skulls, earrings of corpses, and is girdled with serpents. She usually has four arms, symbolizing absolute dominion over all finite things. One hand holds a sword, the second holds a severed human head, the third is believed by her devotees to be removing fear, and the fourth is often interpreted as granting bliss. Kali-omnipotent, absolute, and all-pervasive-is beyond fear and finite existence and is therefore believed able to protect her devotees against fear and to give them limitless peace. Finally, as absolute night, devouring all that exists, she is sometimes depicted as standing on the corpse of Shiva, which, like the garland of skulls, symbolizes the remains of finite existence. Kali's worshipers reportedly appeased her in the past with human sacrifices. She is propitiated today with the blood of mammals.

Her name colud comes from the word kala, which means time. But literally it means dark-skinned one.

Her Mantra: Om Sri Mahakalikayai Namaha

Kali dancing on the dead body of Shiva



Tantric Hindu-Goddess. Her Symbol is the Doublesnake and she dwells in every humans base shakra.
She is the Goddess of Prosperity and Beauty, the wife of Vishnu. She is said to have arisen from the churning of the primal ocean. Sita and Radha are two of Her incarnations, profiled below.

Her colors are red, pink, gold, and orange. Lakshmi enjoys the scents of sandalwood and jasmine. Placing brightly colored flowers in your home or on your altar is very pleasing to her. 

Lakshmi is from the Sanskrit word Laksme; this meals "goal". She represents the goal of life, which is spiritual and worldly prosperity. The Eight Pointed Star is a yantra said to represent Ashthalakshmi, the 8 forms of Lakshmi

Mantra of Lakshmi: "Om Sri Maha Lakshmyai Namah"

Lalita Lalita is a woman-child Goddess. She delights in all play and pleasure, both child-like and sexual. The universe is a great toy to Her, created for Her enjoyment.


Goddess of snakes in Bengal (India). Unmarried. A daughter of Shiva. Her sacred animal is the Cobra.


"Female Mountain": Female part of the Hindu-God Shiva or peaceful aspect of Kali. She is mother of the elephant-god Ganesha, who she bore without a man. She is the protectress of women. She is passionate sexuality. Parvati is the ruler of all the elves and spirits of the earth.

Parvati: Shiva's wife (or consort). Turns into Kali when "necessary".


"Loved by many": Hindu-Goddess of sexuality.

Rati is also known under the name Ragalata, the "Vine of Love".

An Indian goddess of love, passion, desire, and pleasure, she is more or less the Indian equivalent to Greek Aphrodite; and the female counterpart to Kama, the god of Love. Rati is also a member of the Apsaras, and her name occurs as well among the 28 Flesh-Eating Goddesses of the Bardo Thödol.

In Hindu mythology, She is a milkmaid, the beloved of Krisha. She is an incarnation of Lakshmi, he an incarnation of Vishnu.

It is this goddess whose "sexual secrets" have been described in the Ratirahyasa, a medieval text that has become better known as the Koka Shastra. In this work, the name Rati appears also in terms used for sexual techniques and positions. One example of this is ratipasa, the "noose of Rati", a position in which the woman locks her legs behind her partner's back.

On the Indonesian island of Bali, Rati is often depicted as a dark, demonic figure with huge and pointed breasts, a fact that is interpreted by some writers as a sign of "aggressiveness".


Goddess of knowledge, wisdom and art.

Her name means "The Flowing One." She is the personification of the Sarasvati River in north-western India. She is the Goddess of Knowledge, Speech and the Arts.

Another source: Goddess of knowledge and of fertility and prosperity. She is considered the originator of speech and of all the arts. She is one (the maiden aspect) of the trinity which includes Devi and Lakshmi. Sarasvati is pictured as a graceful woman with white skin, usually sitting on a lotus (or a peacock), and usually adorned with a crescent moon.

This message on Saravati reached me from: Kerensa Wordweaver

Sarasvati is the sometimes forgotten third member of the Hindu triple goddesses: Lakshmi, Kali & Sarasvati. Lakshmi, Goddess of Plenty, is, as you can imagine, wildly popular...everyone wants to honor her and hope for the good fortune she can bestow. Kali will not allow herself to be forgotten -- the Goddess of Destruction -- and of Creation although this aspect is frequently forgotten -- She is, perhaps, too frightening to forget! Sarasvati, the Goddess of Music and Poetry and Learning, is less "popular" since she neither destroys people nor dispenses favors. Ah, but Sarasvati can help poets and musicians when they need inspiration! She was the inventor of written language (Sanskrit) and for this reason is also invoked for help in schoolwork and other written endeavors. Her color is white (Kali is black and Lakshmi, red) and her incense is white sandalwood.

Her Mantra : "Om Aim Saraswatyai Namah"



First wife of Shiva. She established the custom of suttee.


Goddess who protects children and women in childbirth.


Goddess of smallpox.


Another goddess of children.


Another name for Shiva's consort.


The beautiful goddess of the dawn.


Goddess of speech.

Waghai Devi

A tiger goddess.