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Beltane - 2017



The Maiden is clad in green again.

She dances on the ashes of wintertime.


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Here many forgotten, not-in-fashion-today,
Goddesses will be able to dwell again.

The shrines shall be comfortable for them and there should be a space, where you can worship them, make prayers and reconnect with them.

So this is not an easy task and creating every shrine is a work of worshipping each incarnation. You must understand, that the intention of this site is not manly to give you information on the forgotten goddesses, which it will nevertheless do.

Here they shall be worshiped again. I want to empower them again, because I believe they draw energy from our attention.

What was forgotten, needs to be retold. They are still out there and want our attention as a part and an incarnation of the Mistress of the thousand names, the Great Goddess.

They will get their personal shrine ( I hope they will each of them like theirs) and site with their praise and their cult retold.

So if, you know of or about a forgotten, today-not-in fashion goddess, have her image or her praise in form of a lyric, old source or new poem and can provide some information.

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Help me in my task,
I will mention you
and the thanks of many will be yours,
if not the forgotten goddesses
themselves will bless you.

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For a more personal view of my belief, see my other site with personal prayers and poems (German/English).



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