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Here the southern-europe goddesses of old shall dwell again.
Help is welcome on Spanish, Etruscan, Albanian and other pagan goddesses.



Acca Larentia/ Lara/


(Etruscan, "Lady Mother")

Earth Goddess. She was as a she-wolf the fostermother of Remus and Romulus, the mythical founders of Rome. She is identified with Lupa and may be identified with Tacita. She was honored on the last day of April and on December 23rd. The december fesival was called Larentalia.

Goddess of earth and nature, hunting and wild animals.





Etruscan Goddess of fate. One of the Lasas (goddesses of fate: Acaviser, Alpan, Evan, Lasa and Mean). 

She was also associated with Turan.


 Unknown Etruscan Goddess, maybe an alternative form of Acaviser.


"White Goddess", etruscan light abd dawn goddess. Protectress of the the ill-fated lovers.


Unknown Etruscan goddess.

Anna Furrinna

An Etruscan and subsequently Roman (river-)goddess whose fertility festivals were aimed at stimulating the fertility of both plants and humans. Her worship also involved sacred prostitution.

(other spelling: Anna Perenna)